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An Audiophile’s Trump-Style Man Cave
March 16, 2011 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
This owner has always had an ear for music, and he’s not willing to settle for anything but the best. He wants to be amazed by sound, so he sought out a system that can do that. Six Telos 2500 amps drive 15,000 watts of power through owner’s Swiss-engineered sound system.
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Posted by Aaron  on  03/16  at  04:02 PM

Wow. I don’t get it. A million bucks to reveal the limitations of the CD format? OK, so he has a couple SACD’s and Blu-Ray probably sounds great, but how many albums that you want to listen to are available on SACD and Blu-Ray?

Must be nice to be rich & be able to waste so much money.

Posted by Igor  on  03/17  at  11:32 AM

For that type of money, couldn’t they have at least run the cabling a little neater behind the equipment stand?  I’m sure it sounds great though.

Posted by bpw  on  03/17  at  11:45 AM

I couldn’t agree more with Igor’s comment about the rat’s nest of cabling.

This is living proof that a fool and his money are soon parted. I could show him a system a quarter of the cost or less that is far more musically involving and satisfying and not limited to Blu-Ray and the quickly dying format SACD. Goldmund gear has always been absurdly overpriced.

Posted by Bobby J  on  03/17  at  12:00 PM

What a rip off! I mean seriously, doesn’t this guy know that Goldmund is nothing but overrated, overly thick chassised, mediocre stuff. For $150,000-200,000 he could have had a world class system. And digital only- shows that he has zero understanding of what he bought, its just some weird ego system with its ridiculous power rating. 5 watts is all that a great system needs- period. And of course analog source material, digital is a waste of time.

Posted by Igor  on  03/17  at  12:19 PM

I wouldn’t be so harsh on Goldmund, it is very good sounding equipment.  Aaron is right, a system of this level should be using the highest quality source material of which CD/Blu Ray/SACD are not.  Goldmund did at one time make one hell of a good turntable by the way.

Posted by Josh  on  03/17  at  02:38 PM

Whatever you think of Trump, he does have style. This “man cave” does not. It’s an ugly POS designed by a man who apparently thinks there is no limit to how audio quality is correlated with how much money you spend. Perhpas he should have spent $2 million and gone with 30,000 watts of power for an even truer sonic experience?

Kudos to Goldmund on their fleecing ability.

Posted by RJT  on  03/18  at  06:11 AM

No acoustic treatment, just bare walls. Not a lot of expertise was employed here.

Posted by MrSatyre  on  03/21  at  11:49 AM

Components aside, I’m more curious as to his lack of thought process regarding acoustics. I don’t have to hear it to already know for a fact it has serious problems, just based on those two photos of the room itself.

Posted by Jennifer  on  03/25  at  11:26 AM

“The Mimesis 32 processor is capable of outputting 32 channels in a 96kHz 24-bit high-resolution digital format”

That’s it? Oh and goldmund gear is all snake oil, just have a look at their rebadged poor performing blu ray player lol.

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