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Anatomy Lesson: Getting to Know Smart Thermostats
November 04, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Several efficiency pieces to your home start at the thermostat.
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Posted by insaneclownposse  on  11/04  at  09:55 AM


That C4 piece in the slideshow is not a thermostat.  Their thermostat is the crappy looking battery powered thing with a fixed LCD display located here:

I can see why you included the nicer looking device though, as the C4 thermostat is pretty JV compared to the rest of the stuff you showed.

Posted by Hatorade  on  11/04  at  10:00 AM


Posted by insaneclownposse  on  11/04  at  10:00 AM


And while I’m at it, what in the world is that software interface you show for Crestron?  Their thermostat is the uber-crappy:

And if C4 is JV this thing looks middle school at best.

Posted by hatorade  on  11/04  at  12:37 PM

oh snap

Posted by RyanE  on  11/04  at  07:05 PM

I’m guessing the reason Julie shows the EC-100 instead of the thermostat is because the WT-100 thermostat isn’t sold separately from the EMS-100 system, which does include the pretty touchpanel.

Posted by Hatorade  on  11/05  at  08:38 AM

You say pretty touch panel…I say superfluous and overpriced peripheral.

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