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Designing a Death Star Theater
September 18, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Three separate rooms, one starfield, and a life-sized Han Solo are just a few of the things that help two super “Star Wars” fans get their geek on in this theater.
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Posted by Boba Fett  on  09/19  at  12:22 AM

Now, _that’s_ nerdy.

Posted by Gavin Elster  on  09/19  at  02:32 AM

There is no way that mess is a THX certified room. 

Why would you even attempt this if you could not get the darn room certified.

Posted by [UAV]Gas  on  09/19  at  01:43 PM

i didnt even think about thx, all i thought about was “Damn, that is a bad-*ss room.”

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  09/19  at  05:24 PM

Unfortunately, the room is not THX-certified. I double-checked with Vic Wertz and he said…

“At the time the room was built, THX wasn’t offering room certifications. So while most of the equipment is, the room is not.”

Posted by Get A. Life  on  09/21  at  02:31 PM

Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice home theater as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous. These people have way too much money and time on their hands. I could think of many, many more important things that money could have been spent on.

Posted by SJ  on  09/21  at  11:42 PM

Certified or not, this room is still coo,l man. For a *SW* fan who can afford this, who *wouldn’t* build such a room?

Aside from that, it’s pretty much good for Role-Playing for those who want to do it in real life, I’m supposing they must have deep pockets then.

Posted by J Devon Mintuck  on  10/06  at  02:07 AM

Yah! They *MUST* have deep pockets AND too much time.

I KNOW the money coul,d easily be spent on better things.Things that are really that much more important.

Sure is a nice room though. I wouldn’t mind owning a room that nice.

Posted by DSM  on  02/27  at  01:11 PM

LOL brokazzes that critique the room based on cost. 

So they have pockets, big deal?  In their world, the money you would have saved by not building that room and putting it to another task is nothing. 

It’s a very cool room and if they love it, then the goals were met.

Posted by justin  on  05/13  at  01:48 AM

I saw this theater on modern home theater.  It is a masterpiece.

Posted by Bill  on  07/23  at  04:09 PM

Dont think I’d care to spend that much $ for a room I could only focus watching Star Wars in. Common how would u be able to watch any other movie in that room? a bit Cheesy.

Posted by Tamara  on  11/16  at  03:59 PM

Wow! Awesome! I am designing a HT room with the guys from SmarterHomeTheater, and I will definitely be tweaking the plan now! This room is amazing!

Posted by 39 Cent Stamp  on  06/27  at  12:59 AM

Awesome theater! If you think your only allowed to watch a Starwars movie in this theater you maybe should hit google up for some therapy contact info in your area.

Nothing worse than a negative review based on cost. We all have our opinions about whats OK to spend money on. Some thing $10 drinks at the bar are OK while i think its ridiculous. I can get a 40 oz for 99 cents.

Posted by Greg Francis  on  07/28  at  12:13 PM

Bear with me for this awkward sentence. It is kind of depressing for me to see people that obsessed with something that is fun, yes, but seriously NOT that great have so much money that they have a bottomless budget to create a movie set to watch movies on. If only I had that kind of money to spend I would make a general purpose party room instead of an homage to a movie franchise. I would feel like an idiot watching anything besides one of the Star Wars films in that theater.

Posted by Pete  on  12/02  at  03:45 PM

Greg, I strongly disagree.  I would happily watch any movie in that theater.  And you dont have to be wealthy to make something similar.  you can make your own star fields by making your own panels.  you can do this stuff inexpensively, but it takes lots of time and work and research.  materials?  home depot man!  plywood, plastic sheets, etc…..  the key is, incorporate the money into your home loan when you purchase a home, plan it out.  use your tax return.  have a budget of 2k(this tally includes a 999 projector.  and you can do it if you cant do the loan thing, and you already have a house….2k is not hard to come by if you are employed.

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