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Blog: OLED, Plasma and 1080p Win the Value Electronics TV Shootout

A mix of new tech (OLED) and old tech (plasma) rule the day in side-by-side comparisons.

Blog: LG’s New Curved OLED HDTV is $3,499

LG’s newest OLED TV makes pricing history. Will there be an OLED price war?

Blog: Samsung Launches 105-inch Ultra HD Smart TV for $120K

With 4K resolution, ultra-widescreen aspect ratio and a full-suite of smart TV features, this may be the most luxurious TV on the market.

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Opinion: Surviving in the Home Automation Market

The home automation and control systems market can be a frightening place.

Opinion: Is the iPad a Terrible Home Theater Remote? image

Eric Thies of DSI Entertainment offers 5 reasons he thinks you need a real controller for your home theater.

Opinion: Biggest Home Technology Trends from 2011 image

We take you through some of the top tech trends and controversies of 2011.

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Acoustics in 18ft by35 home theater
Posted 07/08/2013 02:05)
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Multi DVD player or other option?
Posted 06/05/2013 06:53)
SteveAC 1 220
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jackky 1 151
Lighting and Wall Colours
Posted 04/11/2013 06:06)
MichelYee 2 295
Posted 04/01/2013 10:58)
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Posted 03/31/2013 10:20)
discok 1 243
FTP-Download Professional Software 2013!
Posted 03/29/2013 10:59)
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