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EH Staff
11/17 12:42 PM, 0 Comments
On November 20th Electronic House is hosting a FREE webcast on home theater automation. Don’t miss it.

Krissy Rushing
11/04 07:24 AM, 0 Comments
Inspired by Josephine Baker and high-tech history, building becomes a beacon of beautiful, functional design.

EH Staff
10/31 09:59 AM, 0 Comments
Motorized shades and blinds can be part of a complete custom home automation system, or they can be added one room at a time, as your budget or needs require.

Rachel Cericola
10/19 08:50 PM, 0 Comments
A look at the current and upcoming Blu-ray discs t that will support the new Dolby Atmos audio format.

Rachel Cericola
10/09 07:13 AM, 0 Comments
The handheld Wi-Fi remote includes a mic for intercom and voice control.

Rachel Cericola
09/18 09:21 AM,
The upcoming option allows homeowners to program and control 2-inch blinds via a simple kit.

EH Staff
09/17 08:11 AM,
The new lineup includes a new hub, two remotes, and a a move into DIY Z-Wave home automation.

Rachel Cericola
08/29 10:27 AM,
We get cooking with the WeMo Wi-Fi Crock-Pot.

Rachel Cericola
08/25 09:15 AM,
The battery-operated motorized window shade is designed for homes with small windows.

EH Staff
07/30 10:07 AM,
Aside from the ease-of-use and control abilities of smart home systems,  aesthetically pleasing keypads and touchpanels can replace wall banks full of old-fashioned dimmers and switches.

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