Rachel Cericola
10/22 12:28 PM, 0 Comments
The J 10 SUB, J 12 SUB, J 110 SUB and J 112 SUB come with high-gloss polymer veneer or wood grain vinyl finishes.

Rachel Cericola
10/22 08:54 AM, 0 Comments
The PS5 uses Wi-Fi to stream music wirelessly from almost any device or platform.

Rachel Cericola
10/22 07:56 AM, 0 Comments
The B&W T7 includes aptX Bluetooth wireless streaming and up to 18 hours of playtime.

Rachel Cericola
10/19 08:50 PM, 0 Comments
A look at the current and upcoming Blu-ray discs t that will support the new Dolby Atmos audio format.

Rachel Cericola
10/16 08:21 AM, 0 Comments
The PC-2000 subwoofer has interchangeable top caps and a small footprint.

Lisa Montgomery
10/14 07:43 AM, 0 Comments
Home theater packs in 30 speakers and 14 subwoofers for 3D surround sound effect.

Rachel Cericola
10/10 08:05 AM, 0 Comments
The new Tannoy Loudspeakers have that eye-catching trapezoidal shape, with new patent pending technologies.

Rachel Cericola
10/09 11:07 AM, 0 Comments
A new partnership means that LG 4K TVs, soundbars, AVRs, and more will include the DTS-HD decoder.

Grant Clauser
10/08 03:23 PM, 0 Comments
High-end speakers blend into an art-lover’s home in New York City.

EH Staff
10/08 11:14 AM, 0 Comments
The latest slim Denon speaker includes bass tubes, three listening modes, Bluetooth, and more.

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