DIY Home Theater

Rachel Cericola
11/12 02:25 PM, 0 Comments
The new build-your-own WeMo device is designed for tinkerers with a working knowledge of electrical wiring.

Grant Clauser
08/14 02:55 PM,
SmartThings, recently acquired by Samsung, offers a lot of customization to make your devices work your way.

Lisa Montgomery
06/02 03:44 PM,
Lutron joins the ever-growing DIY home automation marketplace with new Smart Bridge product.

Grant Clauser
06/02 03:08 PM,
Apple’s HomeKit protocol may make adding smart home devices to your iPhone easier.

Rachel Cericola
05/05 01:40 PM,
Revolv is now selling security, comfort, rental and premium kits through Amazon.

EH Staff
04/17 02:25 PM,
If you’re just getting started or planning your home theater and AV projects, here are some pointers from our custom electronics pro friends.

Grant Clauser
03/10 01:01 PM,
The new Revolv hub brings many different smart home devices under one roof.

Grant Clauser
03/03 04:51 PM,
Iris is an easy to setup system for basic home monitoring and device control.

Grant Clauser
12/16 12:29 PM,
Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Z-Wave with cloud-based learning plus an IR adapter for home theater gear.

Rachel Cericola
10/02 10:06 AM,
Zac Adams has outfitted his entire living space with HomeSeer, Z-Wave, and more.

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