Rachel Cericola
04/11 01:54 PM, 0 Comments
The open-source, DIY solution allows users to manage security, energy, AV and control using Android or iOS devices.

Lisa Montgomery
03/17 10:26 AM, 0 Comments
Consider motorized products like these four clever finds for your house.

Grant Clauser
03/10 01:01 PM, 4 Comments
The new Revolv hub brings many different smart home devices under one roof.

Lisa Montgomery
03/07 08:26 AM, 0 Comments
High-performance audio upgrades topped this homeowner’s renovation and home automation to-do list.

Rachel Cericola
03/07 09:25 AM, 0 Comments
The HomeSeer Android WFTT07 boots automatically to the company’s HSTouch app.

Lisa Montgomery
03/03 10:03 AM, 0 Comments
Smart technology upgrades turn this Boston home into a smart home for family of four.

Lisa Montgomery
02/27 09:27 AM, 1 Comment
Audio enthusiast goes beyond hi-fi to incorporate at complete Crestron home automation system into his downtown digs.

Lisa Montgomery
02/27 08:50 AM,
From a remote controlled toilet to a mailbox sensor, home systems installers share some of their strangest client requests.

Lisa Montgomery
02/24 11:10 AM, 1 Comment
Elan g! automation puts NASCAR racer Mark Martin’s home ahead of the pack.

Rachel Cericola
02/19 12:22 PM, 0 Comments
Forget athletes and endorsements; here are 12 medal-worthy automated winter getaways.

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