Rachel Cericola
10/09 07:13 AM, 0 Comments
The handheld Wi-Fi remote includes a mic for intercom and voice control.

EH Staff
09/17 08:11 AM, 0 Comments
The new lineup includes a new hub, two remotes, and a a move into DIY Z-Wave home automation.

Rachel Cericola
08/29 10:27 AM, 0 Comments
We get cooking with the WeMo Wi-Fi Crock-Pot.

Lisa Montgomery
07/30 09:27 AM,
Elan g! smart home control system enables effortless energy savings for Florida homeowner.

Rachel Cericola
07/16 10:38 AM,
ThinkGeek’s Star Trek universal remote includes tactile force-feedback and the option to store up to 36 commands.

Grant Clauser
06/23 02:48 PM,
No backyard is complete without awesome A/V. Here are tips on how to plan your system.

Grant Clauser
06/23 09:06 AM,
Beach house benefits from custom-designed Crestron controls that suit the comfort levels of two different users.

Grant Clauser
06/02 03:08 PM,
Apple’s HomeKit protocol may make adding smart home devices to your iPhone easier.

Grant Clauser
05/30 09:40 AM,
Multiple wireless music players can be used in a system, making it easy for whole family use.

Grant Clauser
05/27 02:43 PM,
Will home automation finally go mainstream if Apple develops a control system?

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