Grant Clauser
09/16 01:42 PM, 0 Comments
Lamps are for heating up fast food, not for high-performance home cinemas.

Rachel Cericola
09/16 10:40 AM, 0 Comments
The Yamaha A-S801, A-S701, A-S501 and A-S301 all feature the company’s ToP-ART concept.

Rachel Cericola
09/15 01:56 PM, 0 Comments
The new Elite BDP-85FD and BDP-88FD also have networking and YouTube’s “Send to TV” feature.

Rachel Cericola
09/15 09:10 AM, 0 Comments
The new B1 powered subwoofer is designed for 2.1 stereo and multichannel home theater configurations.

Grant Clauser
09/05 09:47 AM, 0 Comments
Can Monster bounce back from Beats with the Soundstage wireless speakers?

Rachel Cericola
09/05 09:12 AM, 0 Comments
The Omni 10 and Omni 20 can upgrade your stereo via Blackfire Research wireless media technology.

Rachel Cericola
09/04 12:06 PM, 1 Comment
The new Sony HT-ST5 soundbar has HDMI connectivity and Bluetooth with NFC.

Rachel Cericola
09/04 11:30 AM, 0 Comments
The 8-, 10- and 12-inch subwoofers are housed in enclosures barely bigger than each woofer’s diameter.

EH Staff
09/04 09:26 AM, 0 Comments
Atlantic Technology’s new home theater speaker can work alone or when paired with any existing home theater.

Grant Clauser
09/03 03:07 PM, 2 Comments
New Technics stereo systems debut at the IFA show in Germany. Coming to US later.

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