The right lighting can change everything! Whatever your reason- cost savings, security, or even dramatic effect, we’ve got you covered.

Rachel Cericola
11/25 10:37 AM, 0 Comments
Spread a little cheer and peace of mind with these 9 great gift ideas.

EH Staff
11/24 12:22 PM, 0 Comments
Here are five tips to help you decide whether to install your own smart lighting system or to hire a professional.

EH Staff
11/06 12:16 PM, 0 Comments
Lutron lighting control and Crestron home automation bring light, entertainment and security to luxury home.

Rachel Cericola
11/06 11:54 AM, 0 Comments
The latest smart light bulb can learn and replay your lighting patterns.

Rachel Cericola
11/05 10:05 AM, 0 Comments
The new On/Off Outlet provides independent and remote control for up to two lamps or appliances.

Krissy Rushing
11/04 07:24 AM, 0 Comments
Inspired by Josephine Baker and high-tech history, building becomes a beacon of beautiful, functional design.

EH Staff
10/31 09:59 AM, 0 Comments
Motorized shades and blinds can be part of a complete custom home automation system, or they can be added one room at a time, as your budget or needs require.

Rachel Cericola
10/23 10:17 AM, 0 Comments
The new Bluetooth-powered smart light switch can stick to almost any surface.

Lisa Montgomery
10/22 08:00 AM, 0 Comments
How GE’s development of the LED light bulb is laying the groundwork for home automation ideas.

EH Staff
10/20 12:05 PM, 0 Comments
Just as the lights can be designed to suit your style, they can be arranged and programmed to complement the room décor and the various functions of the space.

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