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Rachel Cericola
06/06 10:13 AM,
The compact MyWirelessTV2 can connect up to four HDTVs at once, all without wires.

Grant Clauser
05/12 11:42 AM,
Epson’s 2030 projector creates a bright picture you can set up anywhere.

EH Staff
04/17 02:25 PM,
If you’re just getting started or planning your home theater and AV projects, here are some pointers from our custom electronics pro friends.

Rachel Cericola
04/11 09:55 AM,
Near Field Communication could make Wi-Fi setup as simple as tapping devices together.

Grant Clauser
04/02 11:38 AM,
Amazon’s New Fire TV Puts Up a Good Fight for Roku3 and Apple TV

EH Staff
03/31 12:16 PM,
The HT-CT770, HT-CT370, and HT-XT1 speaker systems also support Bluetooth with NFC and control via SongPal.

Rachel Cericola
03/17 10:08 AM,
The LTXP64 can support 1080p/60 resolution and 3D, as well as DTS-HD and Dolby Audio.

EH Staff
03/12 11:16 AM,
All five of the new Pioneer AVRs will also include support for the HDMI 2.0 spec and Roku Stick.

Rachel Cericola
03/05 09:57 AM,
The new Wi-Fi Roku Stick can put over 1,200 channels of streaming audio and video on any TV with a free input.

Rachel Cericola
02/24 09:20 AM,
New adaptable HDMI cable has a twisty connector, making for an easy TV or home theater install almost anywhere.

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