Rachel Cericola
08/28 12:13 PM, 0 Comments
The first of the Connoisseur Series can upgrade TV sound and add in Bluetooth.

Rachel Cericola
08/26 10:24 AM, 0 Comments
The new audio option has a compact form factor that’s ideal for soffits and other challenging locations.

Rachel Cericola
08/26 09:16 AM, 0 Comments
The D850 and the D1650 are lightweight and compact for whole-house audio.

Rachel Cericola
08/13 09:43 AM, 0 Comments
The new line promises audiophile performance from a slim-grille design.

Rachel Cericola
08/12 02:22 PM, 0 Comments
The new HEOS Link and HEOS Amp will soon join the three recent HEOS wireless speakers.

Rachel Cericola
08/08 09:00 AM, 0 Comments
The company will also ship the SR6009, which has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.

Rachel Cericola
07/25 08:59 AM, 0 Comments
The new line includes six passive home theater speakers and two subwoofers.

EH Staff
07/24 09:14 AM, 0 Comments
The AVR-X4100W and the AVR-X5200W also include 4K support and several music streaming options.

Grant Clauser
07/23 09:46 AM, 0 Comments
Both the Millenia LP 2 or XL lines sit less than two inches from your wall but can also sit on tables or stands. 

Grant Clauser
07/21 09:37 PM, 1 Comment
The famous home theater designer builds a masterpiece in his own New York home.

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