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First Look: SIM2 LUMIS SOLO 3D Home Theater Projector
The Italian-based video manufacturer SIM2 has established itself as one of the top video products manufacturers in the consumer electronics and commercial video industries. Earlier this year the company announced a string of new products that it says will bolster its product line in 2011 and beyond. Headlining these new products is the company’s LUMIS Solo-3D projector, which is designed to provide home theater enthusiasts with a single-chassis,…

3D TV Street Fight
The market, and marketing, for 3D TVs is kind of fascinating to me. A month ago I was at an event sponsored by one TV manufacturer that was hell-bent on bashing another manufacture’s technology (they even brought in samples of the competitors TVs and third-party experts to explain the deficiencies). The sponsor wanted to make sure all the editors in the room knew how to look at a…

ViewSonic Debuts VP3D1 3D Adapter for 3D-Ready DLP Projectors
They aren’t the first to deliver a 3D adapter that makes Blu-ray 3D and any other HDMI 1.4-required 3D device compatible with older DLP-Link 3D capable products. (That honor goes to Mitsubishi’s 3DC-100S.) However, ViewSonic’s entry is certainly more affordable than most… depending on how you look at it. As far as VP3D1 itself goes, it’s a pretty straightforward device; two HDMI 1.4 inputs, one HDMI 1.3 out,…

Is 4K Necessary in HDTV?
At CES this year I saw a number of 4K or 4K x 2K (3840×2160) resolution TVs and projectors on display. The only time I’ve seen so many 4K displays under one roof was at Infocomm, a trade show that focuses on the professional, commercial and large-venue market (think Jumbotron) not the home market. A recent article by DisplaySearch analyst Paul Gray suggests there’s not much of a…

What’s Right and Wrong with 3D Today: An Interview with 3D Imaging Consultant, Nick Constable
Matt Whitlock: Let’s first start off by talking about you, the 3D projects you’ve worked on, and a little bit about yourself. Nick Constable: I’m Nick Constable, and I’m a stereoscopic 3D imaging consultant and screenwriter. I’m also a free agent and invented some products as well. I started doing 3D in the year 2000, when I produced and directed a live-action short 3D film that was hailed…

Blu-ray 3D We Want for 2011

Sharp Shows Quattron 3D TVs, 3D Blu-ray

Panasonic and Verizon Show Full HD 3D Video Over the Web

Michley Tivax Launches Two Portable 3D TVs

Toshiba Selling Glasses-Free 3D, but Wait, There’s More

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