Screen Savers: Home Theater Screens Meet All Needs
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Screen Innovations

Among Screen Innovations new, well, innovations, was Black Diamond Rear-Pro Film.  It’s a light-diffusing rear projection film that can be applied to any transparent surface to create a display surface. Like other Black Diamond products, it has light rejection qualities and enhances contrast levels.It can be purchased laminated to glass or acrylic as a finished solution and can be deployed in many residential locations that would otherwise be deemed unusable for a home cinema.  A typical installation might be on an attic wall or even a garage wall for a unique outdoor movie experience.

Another cool option at the Screen Innovations booth was a curved version of the Black Diamond Zero Edge screen. SI says the curve eliminated the hot spotting because the curve matching the curve of the projector lens, so all the light hits the screen at the same time.

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Screen Savers: Home Theater Screens Meet All Needs