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Fortress, Inc. Hudson Private Theater Seating

With complete customization offered by FORTRESS along with a multitude of accessories, your seating can be all you ever imagined. Custom stained wood veneer arms; Upholstered arm rests/side panels; Laminated table tops.  Photo courtesy of Eagle Sentry, Las Vegas, NV

Salamander Designs Salamander Designs Chicago 245, Speaker-Integrated AV Cabinet

Salamander integrated-speaker solutions conceals a high performance loudspeaker behind attractive cloth, eliminating the need for bulky in-room speakers and unsightly wiring. The cabinet can be customized with an IR Repeater System to operate components through solid doors, integrated tv mount and more. Available in 14 styles and various sizes.

Salamander Designs Salamander Designs Theater Seating Do-it-Yourself

Every Salamander Designs theater chair is constructed with the highest degree of strength, style and support. The Salamander Seating collections are ergonomically engineered—providing a supreme level of comfort. With a wide variety of configurations and designer covering options, we promise you a perfect fit.

Cineak luxury seating STRATO

A first-of-its kind, the STRATO’s truly modular design combines the plush comfort of a couch with the functionality of a traditional upright entertainment seat. At the push of a button, the dual motorized incliner mechanism turns the couch into a entertainment chair. The headrest rises up and footrest/seat extend.

Wall-Smart Ltd. WS for Touch Panels

WS for Touch Panels provide a visually appealing way to install any smart home touch panels. The wall mounts contribute to the interior design by enabling flush-mount installations that preserve the room décor. These flush-mounts can simply be painted over to truly appear to be part of the wall.

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