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2014 Product of the Year Winner
Crestron App

The ultimate mobile control app for home or office, the Crestron App easily integrates iOS® devices with home automation systems to monitor and control entertainment systems, lights, shades, temperature, security and more from anywhere with a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection. The Crestron app keeps you connected to all your systems, wherever you are. Even away from home you can turn lights on or off, let the repairman in, or check the security system to see if the kids are home. While you’re on your way, why not warm up the hot tub for your evening getaway? Whatever you need to control, the Crestron app lets you do it remotely as if you were there. Featuring a rich Smart Graphics™ interface, the Crestron app delivers an intuitive user-experience with gesture-driven controls, animated feedback, and metadata such as iTunes® album artwork and user-defined playlists. The interface is totally customizable to meet your needs, including the ability to create optimized GUI designs for both portrait and landscape mode that dynamically interchange as you rotate your iOS® device. The Crestron app is compatible with Crestron 2-Series and 3-Series™ control systems and allows you to control multiple home automation systems from just one app.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Pakedge Device & Software BakPak

The Pakedge BakPak app enables an iPad®, iPhone™, Android device or web browser to configure Pakedge products, monitor Pakedge and other manufacturers’ devices, control system-wide power and enable automatic system status notifications all via the cloud. The BakPak mobile app allows management of all IP devices on a network from the cloud. BakPak works with the Pakedge NP36 Cloud Appliance to deliver this performance. BakPak is capable of monitoring multiple installations and provides mobile alerts – allowing a dealer to find and repair problems before they’re ever discovered by the end-user. BakPak’s “killer app” feature — the ability to add and monitor third-party devices — enables dealers to be fully aware of users’ networks at all times, all from a free app. BakPak enables a mobile device to remotely power cycle the PoE ports on Pakedge switches and power distribution units and remotely monitor Pakedge and other manufacturers’ devices. The app lets also installers add multiple jobs/locations to their project databases, with multiple devices per location. Systems integrators can store all their device profiles and settings on their mobile device for immediate access wherever they go. They can also back up all their profiles and settings to the cloud or a local device.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
INSTEON Hidden Door Sensor

Peace of mind — that’s what Hidden Door Sensor brings to your home. With Hidden Door Sensor and the INSTEON Hub, you will always know whether the front door has been opened or if you forgot to close the door to the garage. Hidden Door Sensor installs inside the door or door frame, reporting door activity wirelessly to your INSTEON home.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
D-Link HomeSense™ Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Protect your devices with the D-Link HomeSense™ Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W215). Remotely turn devices on and off, monitor power usage and prevent unpredicted disasters caused by overloaded electrical wiring. The DSP-W215 incorporates Wi-Fi for easy connection and simple set up. With its simple and compact design, the DSP-W215 can fit anywhere without obstructing outlets or furniture. This unique solution is equipped with a thermal sensor for an additional level of protection against devices causing overheating to the electrical wiring. Packed with sophisticated monitoring features and mydlink™ app support, the DSP-W215 is a feature packed solution for homes.

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