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2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Elite Screens DarkStar

The Dark Star is professionally engineered to incorporate optical filters that actively reflect a projected image while preventing indirect or ambient light from “washing out” the picture. The retro-reflective material has been designed specifically for the home theater environment. With the sublime balance of gain, contrast and viewing angle, the DarkStar brings a hard-hitting performance to either a well lit or dark projection room. The 1.4 gain material offers dazzling brightness with color neutrality while maintaining superior contrast for enhanced black levels. From a microscopic perspective, the DarkStar utilizes a complex design that enhances brightness, filters ambient light and even provides exceptional contrast all within its .03mm thick material. Direct light is reflected back toward its source with a half gain of 35° horizontally and 16° vertically. This combination of retro-reflective filters and neutral black contrast layers creates an image where “black-level” details are easily seen without compromising the color balance. In addition to this, a durable surface coating diffuses the light to eliminate hot-spotting, glare or other visual artifacts commonly encountered with higher-gain screens. Lastly, the material’s durability makes it ideal for either fixed, curved or even roll-up screen applications.

Stewart Filmscreen Director’ss Choice 100

Providing an immersive experience for the home theater enthusiast, Stewart Filmscreen’ss Director’s Choice 100 offers an unlimited variable masking, interoperability with all major control systems, and screen protecting fully closing horizontal masking.

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Stewart Filmscreen Plexus

Plexus consists of three components; a deployable blackout shade to block ambient light from behind the screen, a second roller screen deploying any of Stewart’s flexible front projection materials, and a 3rd roller screen deploying either a vertical masking system for constant height dual aspect ratio masking or a horizontal masking system for constant width variable masking.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Elite Screens PolarStar

Designed from the ground up to be a seamless part of URC’s Total Control system, the TRF-ZW1 provides a seamless gateway to allow control of Z-Wave-enabled products. Enjoy control of Z-Wave door locks, lighting and more from any Total Control interface including remotes, keypads and smart phones or tablets. This piece opens up Total Control to the broadly appealing world of Z-Wave integration providing yet another avenue to take total control of more components in and around the home with URC. This secure system also features an annual online service allowing password-protected setup and control of your Z-Wave devices. Security is becoming increasingly important to homeowners, and this URC product provides new piece of mind for everyone in the family. Conveniently receive email and SMS text notifications when doors are opened. Use your remote screen to see who’s at the door right from your kitchen or living room. Or, imagine the comfort you could feel knowing that you could have certain lights go on and off at times you choose; making the house look lived in even though no one’s there. With the TRF-ZW1 gateway as part of a Total Control system, all this and more is possible.

Draper, Inc. Profile

The Profile’s sleek, mitered frame has a 3/8” wide black bezel. The face of the frame is less than 1¾” from the wall; a beveled back gives the appearance of floating in front of the wall. The Profile uses Draper’s patented Fabric Retention System, for proper viewing surface tensioning.

Screen Innovations Screen Innovations Slate Zero Edge FLEX

Slate Zero Edge FLEX is the A/V industry’s first flexible ambient-light-rejecting screen, capable of rejecting 65% of a room’s ambient light, available in sizes up to 160” diagonal, with custom LED backlighting options. FLEX assembles onsite making it well-suited for installations in tight spaces or challenging access points. 

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Vutec Corporation SilverStar™ 2.2

Vutec’s SilverStar™ 2.2 goes beyond any other projection screen, enhancing any projector technology and ultimately delivering an impeccable experience for any ambient light environment, application and installation.

Draper, Inc. TecVision

TecVision Engineered Surface Technology is available in six exclusive formulations to start, with wide viewing cones and excellent performance in ambient light. Five of the surfaces are ISF certified. TecVision screens are individually formulated, and programmed, and manufactured with multiple checks for quality, consistency and uniformity from start to finish.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Da-Lite UTB Contour

Da-Lite recently unveiled the UTB Contour, a new addition to their line of fixed frame screens. The UTB Contour boasts the smallest edge of any fixed frame on the market and features a low-profile flat panel design 1-3/8 inches off the wall. Its HD Progressive surfaces are designed for 1080p, 4K and Ultra HD. The UTB Contour more than doubles the size of the largest flat panel televisions on the market.

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