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Stewart Filmscreen Director’ss Choice 100

Providing an immersive experience for the home theater enthusiast, Stewart Filmscreen’ss Director’s Choice 100 offers an unlimited variable masking, interoperability with all major control systems, and screen protecting fully closing horizontal masking.

Draper, Inc. Profile

The Profile’s sleek, mitered frame has a 3/8” wide black bezel. The face of the frame is less than 1¾” from the wall; a beveled back gives the appearance of floating in front of the wall. The Profile uses Draper’s patented Fabric Retention System, for proper viewing surface tensioning.

Screen Innovations Screen Innovations Slate Zero Edge FLEX

Slate Zero Edge FLEX is the A/V industry’s first flexible ambient-light-rejecting screen, capable of rejecting 65% of a room’s ambient light, available in sizes up to 160” diagonal, with custom LED backlighting options. FLEX assembles onsite making it well-suited for installations in tight spaces or challenging access points. 

Draper, Inc. TecVision

TecVision Engineered Surface Technology is available in six exclusive formulations to start, with wide viewing cones and excellent performance in ambient light. Five of the surfaces are ISF certified. TecVision screens are individually formulated, and programmed, and manufactured with multiple checks for quality, consistency and uniformity from start to finish.

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