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Cinemar, Inc. Cinemar MainLobby 4 Suite

The MainLobby 4 Suite brings unprecedented stability, control and ease of use for all your automation requirements. The software suite covers the entire spectrum of automation for home and business environments. From lighting, security, climate and to enjoying your favorite music and movies—Cinemar has it all under control.

Control4 Control4® HC-250 Controller
Control4 Control4® HC-800 Controller

At the center of Control4’ updated line of controllers is the new HC-800, a powerful, flexible, and multi-zone controller designed to serve as the cornerstone of any Control4 installation, no matter how large or demanding. The HC-800’ lightning-fast, next-generation 1.8GHz high-performance dual-core processor delivers instantaneous, interactive on-screen control and browsing.

Crestron Crestron CP3N Control System

Delivers immense power and speed to reliably control all the technology in your home, including lights, shades, AV and much more. It provides a dedicated control network for Crestron devices to ensure optimal system performance. The CP3N scales with ease, providing all the power you need as your system grows.

D-Link D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Motion Sensor

The Wi-Fi Motion Sensor is part of D-Link’s line of Connected Home products, designed to make ones’ home smarter and safer. The compact Motion Sensor plugs into an open power outlet and alerts users with a push or text notification as soon as it detects motion.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Crestron DIN-AP3MEX

The Crestron® DIN-AP3MEX is a space-saving home automation processor that powers wireless control of lighting, shading, AV, climate control, security, and other networked systems throughout the home or office.

ELK Products, Inc. ELK-M1GSYS4STW Two-Way Wireless Ready M1 Gold Kit

The M1 Gold offers convenience, comfort, and simplicity by combining security, energy management, and total home/business solutions with over 50 integration partner manufacturers. As a flexible and integrated solution, this IP accessible system provides simple, yet powerful on-site and remote user interfaces, giving the consumer full control anytime, anywhere.

ELK Products, Inc. ELK-M1XEP M1 Ethernet Port Interface

The M1 Ethernet Port Interface allows M1 Controls to connect to the Internet or LAN (network) for programming, monitoring, remote control, and email notification. This interface provides you the option to control your home with no required monthly fees.

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Vantage Equinox 73 and Mobile Apps

Equinox 73 functions as a graphical user interface to the Vantage system and provides a personalized dashboard for multi-system control. The on-screen widgets are programmable through Vantage’s Design Center Software. Once configured, widgets are easily edited on the device itself. Individualized profiles can be created based on time of day, location, function, or individual. The 7” screen provides an environment for three live widgets, each with dashboard control of an individual sub system. While widgets are programmed using Design Center they can also be configured locally on the EQ73 hardware. Further personalization to the dashboard can be made to meet specific requirements of the user, space, time or function. Profiles are easily accessed through a single touch drop down menu and are quickly individualized through the dashboard. Additional widgets are accessed through a simple gesture or swipe to the screen similar to the majority of today’s comparable GUI devices like smart phones and tablet PC’s. Utilizing the power of Vantage’s Design Center software Equinox devices come with both a predefined graphical environment and an auto-configuration capability that allow Integrators to efficiently create intuitive screens that are consistent with the entire Vantage graphical user environment.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
TiO Home Automation System

The TiO Home Automation System is a full-featured, easy-to-install home automation system that is built entirely through an “outside-in” approach focusing on the customer experience. TiO Home Automation Systems feature an impressive lineup of Wi-Fi-based streaming, multi-zone audio, wireless lighting and climate control solutions—all of which are easily configured and controlled over Wi-Fi via an Android tablet.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
HomeSeer HomeTroller Zee

HomeTroller Zee is the world’s smallest full function Z-Wave enabled home automation gateway controller.

Total Control Remotes Installer-based Programming Services

Total Control Remotes offers premium programming services for busy integration shops that are looking to portray a positive image and alleviate some of the difficulties in programming a reliable, simple and visual stunning interface for their clients.  We also offer design services that will cater to any situation.

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