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2013 Product of the Year Winner

Mi Casa Verde Vera3

MSRP: $299.00

Control your home or business anytime, from anywhere with the Vera3 gateway.  Whether you want to protect your home and family, manage your business, decrease your energy consumption and save money on your energy bills, Vera3 empowers families and business owners to simplify their lives by automating daily activities and solving everyday challenges.  It isn’t even "home automation" anymore. It’s saving energy, making your home more secure and enhancing your family’s home theater experience. It’s adding home control capabilities to your smartphone. Vera3 now makes all of this easier, more convenient and affordable.

The Mi Casa Verde Vera3 is a powerful automation and monitoring control center that incorporates Z-Wave control into a Wi-Fi gateway/router.  Featuring a fast processor, ample memory for downloading apps and potent Wi-Fi performance, the Vera3 is perfect for heavy use environments with multiple device types and plugins. Hundreds of devices can be added to a Vera3 network, and multiple Vera3s can be bridged in home or small business.

With the Vera3 hardware, OEMS and developers have virtually unlimited options for creating control and monitoring applications for security, energy management, access control, A/V entertainment control, healthcare and more, including scenes, rooms, timers, events and notifications.

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  • No Monthly Fees means users can access their Vera network for free from any internet browsing device including a smartphone, PC, or tablet
  • Out of the box interoperability with 1,000s of Z-Wave and Wi-Fi devices
  • Completely customizable user interface (UI) or use our 5th generation UI5
  • Works with virtually any controllable device, including locks, sensors, thermostats, energy meters, video cameras, alarm panels, A/V and more
  • Universal Compatibility means Vera works with IR devices, serial via USB, Control4, INSTEON, X10 and more
  • Bridgeable over IP - allows 2 or more VERA3s to operate as one controller
  • No broadband connection needed for local control
  • Open API allows easy creation/distribution of new apps and plug-ins
  • Supports control of and by UPnP devices for unparalleled interoperability
  • Works with energy meters such as TED, AEON and RCS to provide real-time and long term energy monitoring to save money on energy bills
  • Small form factor and low power consumption
  • Expandable Applications allows access to a library of downloadable apps - from live video streaming to advanced energy monitoring to alarm panel integration


  • Remotely monitor your home while you are on vacation with you Vera3
  • Protect your elderly loved ones that are living independently by staying connected
  • Simplify your life. Set one button to lock the house, set the alarm, turn off the lights and set the thermostat
  • Run your home or vacation rental from anywhere
  • Secure your business every night
  • Track each home appliance's energy consumption
  • Stop wasting energy cooling an empty house
  • Receive notification on your smartphone or PC when your kids get home from school; know they are safe

Company Info

Founded in 2008, Mi Casa Verde provides a home control and home entertainment gateway that is energy-efficient, eco-friendly and easier to setup than other products on the market. With free remote access service, users can control their home or small business from any web browser, including a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Stay Connected to Your Home and Business… No Matter Where You Are.
Vera is the most flexible, powerful and affordable home controller on the market today.
Convenient User Interface (UI): Vera’s easy-to-follow setup process will have you up and running in no time. 
No Monthly Fees: Access your Vera network for free from any internet browsing device including your PC, tablet and smartphone.
Universal Compatibility: Customize your Vera network to fit your needs by hand picking devices regardless of the manufacturer, including over 600 certified Z-Wave devices.
Expandable Applications: Access a library of downloadable apps from live video streaming to advanced energy monitoring to alarm panel integration.
Energy Monitoring: Vera’s advanced energy metering capabilities empower you to take control of your energy bill and start saving money.
Vera’s broad coverage of virtually every major control protocol (Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, Wi-Fi Direct, Insteon, BACnet, PLC and X10 technologies) allows installers to easily bridge any or all of them to provide customers with a custom-tailored and user-friendly installation. Every time.
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Vera3 is the most powerful, flexible, and affordable home controller on the market today.  And there are NO monthly fees to pay.  "Powered by MiOS."