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Penny-wise Projectors

When your hot button is audio, most of your home theater budget goes toward big, beefy speakers and powerful amplifiers. Still, video is a critical part of the overall home theater experience. Rather than sacrifice part of his audio budget for a bells-and-whistles video projector, the owner of this theater opted for a middle-of-the-road projector from Digital Projection International (DPI). The company offers plenty of fancy, high-priced projectors with features like 3D compatibility and LED light engines, but those didn’t suit the needs of this audio-focused theater, says Jason Voorhees of Cantara, the Costa Mesa, Calif.–based custom electronics firm that tricked out this media room. “At a retail price of around $8,500, the DPI M-Vision Cine 260-HB is a really good value,” he continues. The M-Vision 260-HB is a 1080p DLP projector, with a brightness rating of 3,500 lumens.


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