A stunning interior design is matched by views from a JVC D-ILA 3D projector and a 133-inch Screen Innovations display.
A Unique Home Theater
A Winning Combination
The JVC D-ILA 3D Projector
-This- is a Rec Room
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A Winning Combination

“When we chose the JVC DLA-X7, it was a new projector. The homeowners desired a 3D-capable projector, even though they weren’t sure they were going to use it extensively,” says Zach Campbell of electronics design and installation fi rm Forefront Innovation, The Woodlands, Texas. Although the JVC projector does not have a high-lumen output, its 2D and 3D capability, with brilliant blacks and contrast, make it a nice fi t for this room. After the projector was chosen, Forefront Innovation evaluated the different screen options available and settled on Screen Innovations’ Solar HD 1.3 White 133-inch screen. With a 1.3 gain, the screen provides a wide viewing angle, which was perfect for the room size. In concert with the D-ILA (Direct-drive Image Light Amplifi cation) projector, the screen offers high contrast for a bright picture. “The combination of screen and projector are what makes the room come to life once the lights go down,” says Campbell.

http://www.jvc.com, http://www.screeninnovations.com

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