Futuristic rock, rumble and roll in a 9.2-channel system with extensive acoustical treatments.
Sound of Silence
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Sound of Silence

There are many ways to prevent sound from a theater from seeping out into other areas of the house. One of the most effective is to “float” the room. By this, we mean constructing the space so that it touches no other walls, ceilings or floors of adjacent rooms. Kinetics Noise Control manufactures a variety of products that enable homebuilders and custom electronics professionals like the team at Definitive Sound to isolate an entertainment space from the rest of the house. Kinetics Noise Control’s IsoMax resilient sound isolation clips, for example, attach to ceiling joists and wall studs. Furring channels can be secured to the clips, which effectively prevents the drywall of a theater from interacting with the drywall of an adjacent room.


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