Somfy Systems

121 Herrod Blvd
Dayton, New Jersey, 08810
United States of America
Phone: 609-395-1300

Somfy, the global leader in the manufacturing of strong, intelligent and quiet motors for both interior and exterior window coverings with more than 110 million motors produced since 1980, has North American headquarters located in Dayton, NJ. For more than four decades, engineers at Somfy have been designing products for both the commercial and residential markets to motorize and control window coverings such as interior shades, wood blinds, draperies, awnings, rolling shutters, exterior solar screens and projection screens. Somfy motorization systems are easily integrated with security, HVAC and lighting systems providing total home or building automation. For more information, visit

Somfy Systems Products

Somfy Puts Motorized Shade Options into Retail Stores
Springs Window Fashions and Somfy Systems are putting motorized blinds into more hands.

Automation in a Small House with TaHomA
One of the nation’s first installations of Somfy’s new TaHomA system goes into a 2,500-square-foot home.

Somfy Glydea Range Offers Superior Motorization for Draperies
Somfy’s Glydea Range offers superior motorization for draperies; easy installation, quiet operation, flexible control options, and compatibility.

Chronis Comfort RTS Timer
With the Somfy Chronis Comfort RTS Timer you can program interior and exterior window coverings to raise or lower at certain times of the day to help manage heat gain in summer months and heat loss during the winter

More Somfy Systems products

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